Smooth Hummus a la Gate

5.Hummus is proof that some of the best tasting things are indeed the simplest to make. Requiring very few ingredients, hummus can transform the simple chickpea into a bowl of flavours and culture that can be dipped into with almost anything your heart desires.

As it is something that is not too difficult to make, it’s certainly something that you want to try and make at least once, if not every other week!

Our simple ‘Smooth Hummus a la Gate’ receipe below is definitely a good place to start!

The Gate Guide to ‘Smooth Hummus a la Gate’:

1.Cook/rinse the chickpeas in the usual way
2. Next shell the chickpeas by rubbing the chickpeas between your two hands inthe water
3. With the shells collected, you can fry them up as crisps – sustainable, we use everything!
4. Add the shelled chickpeas to the food processor and blend
5. Add chopped garlic and powdered cumin to the food processor and blend
6. Add tahini and blend
7. Add fresh lemon and blend
8. Add salt and blend
9. Add freshly ground black pepper
10. Serve with fresh bread and enjoy!