Going Veggie At The Gate

Elle Bloggs By Lauren Review

Welcome to The Gate. It’s a gorgeous sun-drenched dining room located down in Hammersmith (there’s also one in Islington) which caters especially for veggies. Owned and run by Michael and Oliver Daniel since 1989, it’s arguably London’s most successful veggie restaurant, but their menu aims to please meat-eaters too rather than simply catering for the converted.

The restaurant itself is bright and modern with dark wood tables, sun light streaming in and potted plants at every turn. When the sun goes down, it has a cosy feel with candles lit at every table and a warm glow from the industrious bulbs which hang from overhead.

And the menu? Well no surprise the offering is completely meat-free. Instead there’s a wide selection of dishes with influences from Indian, Arabian and Jewish cuisines – and not a single meat substitute in sight.

Starters-wise, there’s plenty of choice but the slow-roasted leek tart (£6) was a favourite. A sizeable portion which would be perfect for lunch or as a light dinner, it was tightly packed with leek, Swiss cheese and a fresh salad of raw beetroot and sprouting lentils.

The Miso Glazed aubergine (£8) was a dish I wanted to love. I really did. Every review I’ve read raved and sung about it but for me it was just too sickly and the texture mushy – even with the crunch from the peanuts.

While I’m still not sold on waving goodbye to meat forever, my mini foray into the world of vegetarian cooking has been enjoyable and I’d recommend giving The Gate a try if a) you already are veggie or b) you’re curious!