What’s Hot, Exquisite Vegetarian Food in London – The Gate Hammersmith

Exquisite Vegetarian Food in London – The Gate Hammersmith

A few days ago I was invited to lunch at The Gate in Hammersmith. Located just a three minute walk away from the station, right behind The Hammersmith Apollo, this vegetarian restaurant is a must if you’re in London. It’s tucked away so pay attention or you’ll miss it. Up around a winding staircase you find yourself in a brightly lit, slightly edgy space. […]

Wanting to get a real feel for all the food on offer, we opted for the Mezze platter for two. Banana fritters, quiche, goats cheese and beetroot, lentil pâté, and miso aubergine. When the platter arrived I was amazed at all the vibrant colours. It looked amazing – and tasted even better. […]

For the main there were loads of different options including salads, tarts curries and more. I ended up choosing a beetroot and quinoa burger and my friend went for the tortilla with beans. I’m really fussy when it comes to quinoa and think it either really works or really doesn’t. In the case it was the former. The beetroot gave the burger an almost sweet flavour, which went well with the brioche bun.

[…] I had a hot chocolate to finish off our meal and it came with a milk heart shape on it! This is only the third hot chocolate I’ve ever had in my life with a cool design on it and it made me weirdly happy inside. It was also a really good hot chocolate, which I never really find in restaurants. The Gate is a great, open space that would be perfect for working in the afternoon and with hot drinks like this you can keep topping up all afternoon.

All in all, I was really, really impressed with the food at The Gate. In fact when it came to ordering, the table next to us just said, “we’ll have what they’re having”, pointing at our food. No, really. I was also so surprised at just how full I was at the end of this meal – I genuinely didn’t eat for the rest of the day. I’m sometimes wary of vegetarian or healthy eating places because you’re never quite sure if you’re going to get a decent amount food for the price you pay but that isn’t a problem here. In addition the staff are all super friendly and the food arrived in a timely fashion so I can’t really think of anything wrong with my visit!


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