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The Gate To Vegetarian Heaven

It’s not often that I’ll come across a vegetarian restaurant that intrigues me. Despite knowing the impact the meat industry is having on our planet, I’ve still never been able to commit to being a vegetarian. This all changed however when I visited The Gate, who showed me in three very delicious bites that vegetarian cuisine can be fun, flavoursome and filling…

The Gate’s menu is so broad that almost every piece of goodness that grows on the earth’s surface is there. But it’s the way they infuse flavours that really elevates the dishes.

My menu recommendations:

Start with the grilled halloumi in Indian spices or three onion tart. Both perfectly light for a starter and a great way to ignite your taste buds.

For main, I’d say the tortillas are a must and a great way to see how many ingredients they pack into one dish!

I was too full for a dessert, but I still have my eyes on their banoffee pie or vegan cheesecake.

If my review hasn’t been enough to convince you to try it out, listen to the stars. Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Stella McCartney are all equal fans and regular visitors of this healthy hot spot!

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